Cambodia is a highly civilize nation, a nation of long history and rich culture.


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NO. Drugs are illegal.  However, like anywhere in the rest of the world, people tend to defy the law and smoke grass in some guesthouses and cheap restaurants, but be forewarned that Cambodian jails are no fun.

If you do try to tempt fate, be aware also that although drugs are generally cheaper here than the rest of the world, quality and dosage vary dangerously.  Methamphetamines are often passed off as Ecstasy; Speed and all types of other trash are commonly passed off as cocaine and so on. Overdoses are not uncommon.  When visiting Cambodia, please try to enjoy a drug-free vacation.

Traveler cheques can be quite easily cashed at all major banks. The banking facilities in Cambodia are very modern and adequate.

There is Western Union and its about the easiest way to receive money. You can also receive money via wire transfer to any major bank in the country. In most cases all you need is a passport. Western Union transfer is almost immediate.

ATMs can be seen almost everywhere around major cities in Cambodia.  These machines operate 24/7 around the year.

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