Cambodia is a highly civilize nation, a nation of long history and rich culture.


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Climate and Clothing

Light-weight washable cotton or cotton-blent clothes are suitable. A sweater or coat is needed for the winter and in upland areas.


Customs and Immigration

A valid transit, tourist visit, business, diplomatic,

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Earliest known history and the founding of Lan Xang

The earliest Laos legal document (and the earliest sociological evidence about the existence of the Lao people) is known as "the laws of Khun Borom" (also spelled "Khun Bulom"), still preserved in manuscript form.

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Laos is a charming little country in Southeast Asia. It is situated on the geo-strategic axis of the Lower Mekong River, with a surface area of 236,800 square kilometers. Much of the country is covered by mountains and rivers, which gives its stunning natural landscapes. Theravada Buddhist is the major religion in this country. With just over five million inhabitants, Laos is one of the

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Visitors to Laos can obtain a 15 days tourist visa from the Lao Embassy or consulate office abroad and upon arrival at the Vientiane Wattay Airport, Luang Prabang Airport, Pakse Airport and at the following international border check points:

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